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Frequently Asked Questions-FAQ's

Customer Care Numbers

P What are the charges for using your services?

For each transaction, the charges are indicated on the page of the service you want to use.

P Do I need to register to use your services?

The only service you are required to register for is the Bulk Airtime service.The rest do not require any form of registration.

P For the Bulk Airtime Service, what is the minimum and the maximum number of phone numbers I can send airtime to?

At least two phonenumbers and with no limit on the maximum.

P How long does processing a request take?

All requests, except the Bulk credit service, takes under 5 minutes to complete.The Bulk credit service is dependent on the number of contacts.

P What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can transact with?

The minimum and maximum amount is indicated in the cost chart of the respective service.

P How can I reach you for assistance?

You can easily chat, email or contact us on our customer care numbers.

P Can I send money to a different number when I use the Airtime for Cash service?

Yes you can, just indicate the number you want to send money to.

P To buy airtime, must I have money in my mobile money account?


P How do I decide on the Chura agent number to send money to?

Preferably the Chura agent number in the same network as your mobile phone number.

P Can I buy airtime for my modem?

Well, yes you can purchase credit for your modem, you'll just need to have money in your mobile money account and you are good to go.

P Must I provide the number am sending the airtime with?

Yes, this will enable us to process your request much faster.

You can send a blank sms to our Customer Care Service Numbers below and we'll get back to you ASAP. Or you can just call us on the same.


Help Line:0704-981-897


Help Line:0771-114-529


Help Line:0755-588-116


Help Line:0732-462-520