At Chura, we aim to be part of the solution rather than the problem.
Our drive is to make a difference in the world and be the change that we wish it to be. Ours is a world of freedom.

Freedom without boundaries


Byron Sitawa

An industrial chemistry graduate from the University of Nairobi. I am passionate about creating applications that solve immediate problems in a way that is practically relevant.

Njogu Kinyanjui

An Architect by training, from University of Nairobi, but a student of design at heart with a passion for designs that seek to solve problems and make this world a better place. I have a special interest in human centered Design (HCD). With creativity and passion, I believes this is all possible because we all deserve good design, don't we?

Jack Kinga

a Product Engineer and a lover of clean, tested code. I am Computer Science graduate from the University of Nairobi and have worked with Duma Works, Chura and Tevat ltd. I take pride in what I can make computers do to save the world

Samuel Njuguna

a perpetually curious polymath. A firm believer in never trading idealism over financial security, one of the ideals being founding start-ups will see Africa out of poverty. An entrepreneur at heart with a background founded in computer science. I am dogmatic on strategic start-ups as a way of alleviating society’s problems and heralding development.

Stephanie Gaku

a Computer science graduate from the University of Nairobi. Passionate on anything and everything that touches on design both in design as a process and for aesthetics. My view on design is captured by this quote by Thomas Watson "Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all... good design must primarily serve people"

Ronny Namodi

A student of history with a desire to inspire the future without repeating mistakes, whose philosophy is 'you must be good on the path to be great'. My appreciation is strongly berthed in the significance of seeing finance as a yard stick rather than a destination. "We are who we affect"!


Like all good things, Chura started from a very simple idea; to ease the difficulties users experience in accessing airtime and money services across service providers.
The airtime services we offer are: Buy airtime service which enables buying of airtime across networks, and Mass airtime service that enables companies to supply airtime to their employees at a click of a button.
The money services are: Chura Virtual Card which is a debit card in form of a mobile app and is topped up using Mpesa,
PayPal to Mpesa instant money transfer and Mpesa to PayPal which enables users to top up their PayPal using Mpesa instantly .
Coming soon money services are:
Chura Remit which will enable credit/debit card holders to send money to Mpesa

What our users are saying...

  • Isaac Asimov
    Thank you chura for being resourceful as always. Bought airtel airtime with your Buy Airtime service with M-Pesa. MADE Karubiu
  • Isaac Asimov
    I am big fan of chura; almost dependant on them for M-PESA to airtel airtime conversion John Kieti
  • Isaac Asimov
    Super impressed by chura's Paypal to MPESA operation. Exchange rates could be better,but speed/efficiency/painlessness all excellent. Rachel Gichinga
  • Isaac Asimov
    These guys --> @chura_co_ke are the best in paypal mpesa transactions, no doubt! Hats off! Akumu Fiona

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