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  • What is Chura Mass Airtime Top-Up Service?
    Chura Mass Airtime Top-Up Service is a convenient solution that allows you to send airtime to multiple recipients simultaneously. Whether it's your employees or sales team, you can effortlessly distribute airtime with just a click.
  • How can I access the mass airtime top-up service?
    You can access the Chura Mass Airtime Top-Up Service by visiting
  • What are the benefits of using the mass airtime top-up service?
    1. Time-saving: Send airtime to multiple recipients at once, from ten to hundreds of people.
    2. Automated process: Airtime sending is automated, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
    3. Easy management: Save frequently used numbers for quick and efficient airtime management.
    4. Instant accessibility: No third-party authorization required, allowing you to send airtime anytime.
    5. Instant reports: Receive instant reports on all airtime disbursements made.
    6. Network flexibility: Send airtime across Telkom, Airtel, or Safaricom networks.
    7. Improved cash flow management: Facilitate easier and better management of airtime cash flow.
  • Are there any charges for using the mass airtime top-up service?
    The service is entirely free. We generate revenue through the sale of airtime. For example, if you send airtime worth 500, you only pay Kes 500.

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