Need to top up several phone numbers?

Load multiple lines in different networks at once

Here's how it works...

Manage Phone numbers

Add numbers to top up by
creating contacts one by one or
uploading a CSV file
or remove them as you wish. You can also group them for easier management

Topping up

indicate the amount of airtime to be topped up. You can even allocate different amount for different phone numbers. Once this is done, you will be shown the amount to pay. The numbers will be topped up immediately the payment is done. This process can be scheduled for future automatic top ups.

View reports

For easier record keeping and management of accounts you can view all the history of the transactions made. These reports are available in different document formats and are also printable


Get notifications


A notification SMS of airtime top-up is sent to the airtime recipient.
Printable reports

Printable Reports

Once your top-ups are executed, you will receive an aggregate report on them.

Number lists and groups

Send a list with numbers and amounts to be topped up. The list can have as many groups as you want, listing different sets of people in your company.
Make scheduled top ups


Indicate when you want to send airtime and the system will execute the top ups then.
Customizable service


We can customize your payment receipts to fit your company payment processes. The airtime payment is however done prior to the top-ups being carried out.


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Work with Chura was a pleasure. They understood exactly what I wanted and were able to deliver their promises.

Samuel Kariuki

I enjoy using Chura, its convenient, affordable and excellent all the way round from start to finish. Keep up the great work guys

Peris Nyaboe

Chura is a very reliable service. It is breaking boundaries and its impact is eminent

Michael Kimathi

If I could describe Chura in one word, it would be convenient. I have always had the best experiences transacting with it!

Lillian Nyambura

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